Would you briefly remind us about the company Asistal?

ASISTAL ALÜMİNYUM, which has a wide sales network in Marmara Region, Aegean Region and in particular Ankara in Central Anatolian Region, has been providing service since 1994. Our factory is located in Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone and is established on an outdoor area of 44.500 m² and on indoor area of 22.500 m². In our factory which follows up the latest technological developments, we fulfil the production demands for profiles in different dimensions with our 1 piece of 4 inch, 1 piece of 6 inch and 1 piece of 7 inch press machines having 3 different machine powers and sizes. In our factory which has a monthly production capacity of 1.250 tons and annually 15.000 tons, we can produce special alloys such as EN AW 3003 and EN AW 5754 in addition to the alloys EN AW 6060-6063 and EN AW 6082-6005-6061. As of the end of May, our 4th press of 5 inch will be put into operation and our monthly production capacity will increase to 1.600 tons with the new press machine.


In our electrostatic powder coating and timber transfer coating plant, which has been renovated and increased in capacity in line with the latest technological developments; we can apply surface finishing to profiles up to 7,50 m. In our painting plant, we can paint profiles as 1.000 tons monthly and 12.000 tons annually. Our monthly timber transfer coating capacity is 150 tons and 1.800 tons annually. In our plant where anodic oxidation coating can be implemented to profiles up to max 7 m; our anodic oxidation coating capacity is 1100 tons monthly and 13.200 tons annually.

In our environment friendly plant where production is performed in accordance with quality standards, we obtain reusable water through our chemical treatment unit of 15m³/hour (360 m³/day) capacity.


-What range of products do you have?


We generally produce profiles for various sectors such as construction, architectural applications, electricity, machine industry, furniture, white goods and automotive.


We are mostly focused on construction sector and provide our customers with Aluminum Architectural Systems (door & window systems, facade systems, folding door and sliding systems, office partition systems), systems for outdoor solutions (single glazing and double glazing balcony systems, single glazing and double glazing sash window systems, bioclimatic pergola, blind systems), accessories of those systems, other supplementary products such as box profiles, culvert profiles, blind profiles, handrail profiles, sunblind profiles and standard profiles.


– You have been participating in the Window Fair for the last 8 years, can you explain to us the characteristics of the new products that you will exhibit?


We are planning to participate the fair with 9 products this year. We have 2 sliding door systems. One of them is the standard LS60 system with 300 kg bearing capacity and the other is SL38T- EKO LIFT & SLIDE system. Our new system that has max 120 kg wing bearing capacity is 35% lighter on the basis of profiles and accessory costs are lower by 35 to 45% (depending upon the brand) as compared to the systems with 300 kg capacity.

We will present a sample from FDT62 foldable door system and exhibit and explain the innovations about this sample at the fair. We will also exhibit our Bioclimatic pergola system and combine our double glazing sash system with insulated sliding system in a way that will create a winter garden. We will present an innovation for sash system that can be used for both single glazing and double glazing applications with the same profiles within the system.

We will also exhibit our new applications from blind systems used outdoors and significant for both solar protection and safety.

We also have new double glazing systems for indoors. We will launch them as one of our new products.

We will be waiting for everyone to visit our stand for innovations.


– Can you brief us about augmented reality?


We are now at the age of information. It is in all parts of our life. While we seek the ways to efficiently implement technologic innovations in our sector, we decided to benefit from Virtual Reality, which has become very popular in the recent years. We used virtual reality and prepared our new 3D catalogue. We have approximately 25 to 30 systems. Our customers want to see our systems in three dimensionally. It is very difficult to prepare and transport the cross-sections of all systems, particularly to the customers located at distant areas. Therefore, we adapted augmented reality software to our catalogue and transferred three dimensional cross-section images of our systems to virtual platform. We procured an application from a software company to detect those virtual images. Our systems can be viewed as three dimensional by using our application from Google Store and App Store on all smart phones and tablets. The most important feature of this application is to rotate the 3D product images at 360 degrees and view all details from all angles. It is possible to demonstrate our systems to all our customers around the world. No need for printed catalogues, everyone can use our PDF catalogue in the internet. It is called ‘Augmented Reality’ in English. This is a breakthrough in the sector in Turkey. Currently, no other aluminum system company in the country uses such a catalogue application. The other companies will surely follow us, but it was important to be the first company to use this application.


– What would you like to say about your overseas organization and exports?


ASİSTAL ALÜMİNYUM exports its products to approximately 30 countries mainly in the Balkans as well as Europe, Middle East, Central America and African countries. We have individual customers that perform applications in most of these countries, and we also have dealers and branches with high sales profile and warehouses.

– Can you assess the year 2018?


2018 was a downturn year in which significant foreign exchange rates affected all commercial sectors and companies. We managed this period of crisis without any problems and downsizing thanks to the strategic decisions that we had taken. We mostly focused on exports. As compared to 2017, we finished the year 2018 efficiently with 7% growth in the domestic market and 10.7% growth in the overseas markets.

Our aluminum architectural system sales also increased significantly. We continued to update and improve our existing systems. In terms of accessories, we enhanced our collaboration with the strong local and foreign companies in the sector and increased our quality. We added new systems to our product ranges and increased the number of solution alternatives in all fields.

We renovated our dyeing plant. Our new furnace equipped by the state-of-the-art technology further optimizes our sensitivity towards the environment with low energy and gas consumption and played an import role in maximizing our efficiency.

We completed the installation of our 2nd thermal furnace.

We also took major steps in automotive sector, collaborated with the leading companies of the sector and increased our exports.

In 2017, we commissioned our mechanical treatment unit and continued to enhance our operations in 2018. We ship mechanically-treated products to many countries, mainly Germany.

We renovated our dyeing plant. We increased the capacity and quality of our facility with the state-of-the-art furnaces.



Can you tell us your targets for 2019?


We have plans to increase our production capacity and quality in 2019; we are planning to commission our 4th Press of 5 inch in extrusion in the first 6 months of the year, towards the end of May. We have initiated the infrastructural works for our new logistics building and will continue such works in 2019.

We are planning to switch to full automation as production line and storage and therefore, we have initiated our works and are planning to finish until the end of 2019.

We intend to continue our activities to increase our exports in 2019. Our export clients trust us more on the basis of system. They want to cooperate with us in relation with their architectural and other sector-specific profile solution demands. Ever since the incorporation of our Company, we have tried and succeeded in building such trust and this was very important. We are looking for ways to further improve our systems with accessories and other items in 2019. For this purpose, our R&D team follows up local and foreign fairs and companies in order to fulfill the demands of our customers by implementing the developments internally.

Also, we maintain our activities related to the automation sector as well as other sectors that we serve. Currently, we are selling mechanically-treated profiles to Germany as a very big country. Our dyeing plant has been renovated by using advanced technologies and its capacity has been increased. We are continuing our investments to increase our production capacity.

Production with minimum energy costs and our sensitivity towards the environment is still our target for 2019. Meeting the deadlines of our customers, keeping up with the targeted prices, ensuring high production quality, increasing our service and maintenance quality, providing a happier working environment for our employees and providing new jobs are among our targets for 2019.